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1 on specialized equipment and commercial vehicles

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The trading system of specialized equipment

The trading system of specialized equipment – is the biggest catalogue of suppliers of equipment, spare parts and services in runet, also it is extensive database of advertisements and company deals. Each company is available it’s own mini site with the photo-gallery, widened contacts, advertisements and other.

The placement of the company on The trading system of specialized equipment - is an easy, convenient and effective way of interaction with customers. Wherein companies can be placed both paid and free of charge, depending on your needs. Want to sell more - choose the type of accommodation which is the most suitable for you.

The relations between the service "The trading system of specialized equipment" are regulated by the User agreement.

The placement of the company and advertisements regulated by The rules of The trading system of specialized equipment.

60% of specialized equipment market companies already work active in the trading system.

  • More than 300 thousand users per month
  • More than 1.1 million page views
  • Record the density of target customers

Tariffs for Placement of Companies in the Special Vehicles Trade System

Rate for
Basic Business Business + Ultra Ultra +
Specialization of the company 2 5 8 8 10
Expanded list of contact persons (post, name, tel. number, e-mail) *
Photo gallery of the company
Video in ads
Number of PREMIUM ads (output priority in the list of sections Sale and Rent with a ribbon PREMIUM). Sort by date of update.** Also displayed on the homepage (last updated) in PREMIUM blok 4 1 8 15 15
Manual ads rising 3 times a week 1 time a day 3 times a week 1 time a day 1 time a day 5 times a day 10 times a day
Availability of button "Raise all ads"
Automatic lifting PREMIUM ads 1 time a week 2 times a week 2 times a day
Automatic loading of ads
Active hyperlink to the website of the Company from the Catalog of companies
Location of files with details of the product, price lists on the page of the company (PDF, Exel, Word)
Placing of press releases. Latest press releases are published in the block section of the Company News in the section of the Company
Active hyperlink to the Web-site of the Company from the Companies catalogue
Interactive information line
Priority placement of the Companies in the list of companies with a logo and a ribbon BUSINESS, sorting by the Alphabet ***
The most Priority (above companies with the status BUSINESS)placement in excess of the Company's in the list of companies with a logo and a ribbon ULTRA, sorting by the Alphabet ***
Additional output premium items:
- In a separate block of The Trading system in the left side
- In the Directory of the equipment on the websites of the media group Exkavator Ru
- In the "Price of the day" on the websites of the media group Excavator Ru
Duplication of the Company news on the website pages Exkavator Ru in the "Company News" block on the right side.


* For individuals one contact person in charge for initial registration shall be specified
** The date of actualization of advertisement shall be the date of its placement or topping. To top an advertisement, click icon "Top Advertisement" opposite the relevant advertisement
*** Sorting by alphabet shall be performed among other companies of equal status (BUSINESS or ULTRA)
**** Financial buttons are not included into the tariff cost