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Page branding

It is one of the most attractive and effective types of online advertising, if the main aim of the company is maximum coverage of the target audience.

The essence of the instrument is that all or some pages of the site, which has branding, are made according to the corporate identity of the advertising product,change background and upper stretch, so that it changes the whole conception of the page design. As the result there is made certain visual communication between advertising brand and informational content of the site. You cannot see such advertisement, but at the same time it doesn’t annoy, but works at the level of association and subconscious.
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Requirements for branding

Advantages of branding

  • organic and aesthetics of advertising design
  • wide audience coverage
  • long and repeated contact with the brand audience
  • creation of a stable association between subjects, the audience and the brand

The effectiveness of branding is very high, especially if the main aim of the advertising company is the achievement of image effect or target audience.