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1 on specialized equipment and commercial vehicles

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Advertising material requirements

Requirements for banners

  • By placing banners are permitted in the following formats: GIF, JPG, SWF (Flash)
  • The banner should have visible borders (circled in the frame does not coincide with the background color)

Weight of banner

Banners size in pixels Size of the banners file
1000*60 (100%) Up to 90 KB
1000*40 (100%) Up to 80 KB
480*100 (100%) Up to 90 KB
480*60 (100%) Up to 80 KB
790*150 Up to 180 KB
200*400 Up to 90 KB
468*60 (500*80) Up to 80 KB
270*140 (260*140) Up to 80 KB
540*60 (540*60) Up to 60 KB
200*200 (220*160) Up to 80 KB
200*100 (220*80) Up to 60 KB

Recommendations for the production of banners (on the conference etarget 2007)

  • The idea should be clear from the first time.
  • Information should be compact in form and content.
  • Slogan - a short (preferably about 4 words).
  • Use no more than 3 frames. It is better to stay at 2.
  • Site or company name should appear on promotional material. There is no need to specify the contact numbers and e-mail it will be replaced, but the semantic load is very conditional. For the user it is much easier to remember "keyword", which he can enter into a search engine.
  • Explanatory texts or complex additional information will only complicate the perception and alienate the user from your advertising material.
  • Letters must be legible. There is no place for fine print in promotional materials.
  • Check the "watchable" of the promotional material printed. Though the old-fashioned, but its effective.
  • The color scheme is selected in accordance with the content of the site / sites, which will have an advertising campaign.
  • The advertising material should be clickable.

Requirements for FLASH banners

1) A link should take place only after clicking on the flash-banner (onRelease event). When you click on the flash-banner the advertising site should open in a new browser window.

2) After creating the banner you should create a new layer.
In such occasion this layer should be created a transparent rectangle over the entire area of the banner.
Give this rectangle property Button.
Assign a script:

on (release) {
	if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {
		getURL(clickTAG, _blank);


3) The bottom layer of the banner should be a rectangle, "flooded" the desired background color.
Background color shouldnt be transparent (Alfa-channel is not included)!

4) No data can be exchanged flash-banner with other sites, inter alia, prohibits the use of structures:
loadMovie, loadMovieNum and MovieClipLoader class
loadVariables, loadVariablesNum and LoadVars class
XML.load, XML.send and XML.sendAndLoad
XMLSocket etc.

5) Flash-banner shall comply with the integrity of the personal information of users, in particular:
- Never use SharedObject and LocalConnection;
- denied access to the microphone and video camera;
- denied access to the system clipboard (System.setClipboard);

6) Banner should not hog CPU user's computer when displayed the page.

Making a banner

Our experts in a short time (1-2 days) can make a banner for you. They only need a logo image from you, photography of the technology, slogans and possible ideas or scripts (if any).

For the banner manufacture you will be required:

  • Company logo. Preferably in vector graphics.
  • The script of the banner. What would you like to see it?
  • Pictures, photos will be used in the banner.
  • Slogans that will be used in the banner.
  • Preferences for colors, as well as on the use of fonts (maybe it will be corporate fonts)
  • Reference junction from a banner on your site or section of the site.

Manufacturing cost of the banner - 5 000 RUB.
Cost of the resize 3 500 RUB.

Requirements for banner-stretching (under the TOP news)

  • Banner size should be 480x100px.
  • The width of the background fill should be 900px.
  • In ActionScript of the banner should be a function of the dynamic changes in the width of the clickable area.
  • For an example of creating a banner stretching can be found on this link.

Requirements for teasers

Teaser is a static image with the slogan, which is the transition from the site. Teasers may be in the rotation, on one advertising spot can be displayed up to 5 pictures and 5 slogans by alternating.

  • From 1 to 5 pictures, format - JPG, GIF (without animation), volume - up to 25 KB. Teasers with a white background must have a colored box.
  • Slogans for each image (and text at the appropriate format teaser).
  • Links that will lead to your website. The link can have one or different for each teaser.
The location of a teaser Image size for a teaser, px Slogan Pop-up text
Number of characters including spaces slogan maximum
Central teaser on the forum * 412 185 55 120
Exkavator RU Forum teaser at the right side 200 x 150 55 -
Gruzovoy RU Forum teaser at the right side 270 x 200 75 -
Central teaser in the information area * 412 x 185 55 120
Teaser ad in the Trading System** 220 x 150 55 -

*Please note that if the site will open on monitors with a resolution of at least 1280 px in width, teasers of the format will be compressed on both sides to a minimum size - 265 px wide. Therefore, try to fit into the width of the center the main part of the picture, and on the sides to provide background for the remainder of the width.

**Please note that a part of the teaser shall be automatically covered with a semitransparent blue stripe (40 px high) with the slogan of the advertised company as illustrated.

Requirements for the logo on the Forum (sponsor section)

Picture-logo size 140x37 px, format - JPG, GIF (without animation), volume - up to 25 KB.

Requirements for Top-News

Top news on the site of the media group Excavator PN consists of:

1. Title

  • The number of letters should not exceed 49 letters including spaces.
  • Should be as brief as possible, but at the same time, accurately reflect the essence of the news, without distorting its meaning.

2. Preview

  • should not exceed 200 letters with spaces
  • must be informative and predictable
  • should report only the most important
  • should draw attention to the main text

3. The main text

  • the number of letters can not exceed 6000 letters with spaces
  • can contain any information you want to convey to the reader

4. Contact Information. It is mandatory to specify:

  • legal address
  • e-mail address
  • phones
  • website address

5. Drawings

  • picture size 220 * 130 px, format JPG, GIF (without animation), volume - up to 25 KB for preview (small picture, which is located on the home page, clicking on which opens Headlines).
  • logo (not less than the width 300 px)
  • photos for TOP-news (at least - 540 px wide)

Requirements for the branding project of pages Tehnoverh Ru, MAXI Exkavator Ru, MINI Exkavator Ru, DorKomTeh Ru, Autopogruz Ru

Branding - is one of the most attractive and effective forms of online advertising, if the problem of advertising campaign is to maximize target audience.
Requirements for the project pages branding

Requirements for advertising materials in the newsletter

Advertising block must contain the title, photo, text and contact information with an active link to your site. The volume of the advertising text should be no more than 250 characters, the size of photos - 215*156 pixels wide.

Requirements for Additional Materials According to the Ultra+ Tariff Plan

  • Image of size 214*130 px, JPG or GIF format (without animation), volume: to 25 Kb (vehicles shall be represented on white background without frame). Total 4 images.
  • Slogan for each image. The number of characters of a slogan including spaces shall not exceed 50.
  • Link for each image to the relevant advertisement of the company in the Special Vehicles Trade System.